Our Story

“We've done every haunted house in the Sacramento area and Scandia's is by far the best.” 
― Kurt and Michelle

The Wuss Maker is a 27 year old Haunted House attraction that was originally started in Southern California at Scandia Family Fun Center.  Sacramento Scandia built our own Wuss Maker in 2013.  Haunting is a passion and thrill for us.  Our Haunt is not for the faint of heart.  It is scary.  It is not for young kids or people with heart conditions.  

Our Haunt is scarier than most places that charge double.  It is called the Wuss Maker for a reason.  Our Haunted House has several "Wuss Exits" where customers can exit and not complete the haunted house.  Each year we have 600-800 paid guests "Wuss-Out."